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Thermal insulation coatings - paint

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Thermal paint UBIGRUND 

Thermal paint UBiGRUND is designed to reduce heat loss from buildings, oil and gas vessels, trucks, and tanks to which they have been applied. Thermal insullation paint UBiGRUND acts in a manner similar to radiant barrier. UBiGRUND reflects heat, thereby enabling a more comfortable and temperature stable environment with less heating and cooling requirements. The main differences from analog thermal paint - we use nano carbon tubes to improve thermalinsullation ability and increase effectivness of coatings.

Benefits of UBiGRUND:

  • Easy to use (like paint)
  • Save energy costs
  • Reflect IR&UV radiation
  • 1-D Thermal crystal effect
  • Effective from 1 mm thikness
  • Less implement costs
  • Water based, low VOC
  • Long service life.

Where I can use  UBiGRUND?

  • Buildings

  • Tanks 

  • Pipelines

  • Special objects

  • Internal walls

  • Balcony

  • Dewpoint temperature

  • Basement

Wanna start new business:

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 Thermal paint feedback

Dear Customers! Glad to share our clients feedback from Russia. We use to have a deal with thermal insulation paint form 2009. We have started to produce new product from 2015. Please, contact us to get more information.  

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Videothermal insulation paint UBiGRUND

Video lab and production plant process

UBiGRUND production 

FAQSHave a question about UBiGRUND?

We can help!

  • I live in a northern climate, will UBiGRUND work for me?
    UBiGRUND insulating coatings also disigned to paint to the interior walls and ceilings of your home and it will help reduce heat loss from within your home to the cold outside air and make your home much more comfortable and temperature stable.
  • How many coats of thermal paint should I apply?
    For best results, apply 2 coats (totally 1 mm thikness) of thermal paint. UBiGRUND is such an excellent insulating barrier, anything more than 2 coats only gives a marginal increase in performance.
  • How much does UBiGRUND cost?
    The overall cost per sq m when using UBiGRUND that you purchase from you local dilers comes out to an average of about 3 - 7 USD per sq m of painted area. The energy cost savings you’ll get from UBiGRUND more than pays you back for the cost of the product. In fact, it is very common to see that within a couple of years your energy savings have paid you back for the total cost of painting your home
  • Does UBiGRUND really work?
    Absolutely! However You can do your own test for small painted area.
  • Should I use UBiGRUND both inside and outside?
    For the optimum in energy efficiency it is best to use UBiGRUND both inside and out.
  • Where production plant UBiGRUND is located?
    Main production situatied in Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novosibirsk town.
  • Can I paint over UBiGRUND at a later date?
    Yes, painting over a surface that has previously been painted with UBiGRUND will only result in a decrease in performance.
  • How much UBiGRUND do I need?
    You should figure out how many sq. meters you need to insulated. Than calculate total volume with 1 liter per 1 sq. meter.
  • Can UBiGRUND be sprayed?
    We recomended air less sprayer for industry usage of Thermal paint UBiGRUND. However for small areas we can use most of sprayers - simply remove the small cartridge filter from the spray gun handle or it will clog up trying to strain out the UBiGRUND particles from the thermal paint.